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Florida List Your Home For Sale By Owner

To Florida List Your Home For Sale By Owner is easy and fast with Your free listing will be posted on 20+ websites: Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia,, HotPads, Front Door, and more. You will save a 6% commission with our listing. Florida list your home with property details, 24 photos and your personal contact information. Your listing will have nationwide exposure when you list your home online. Won’t you take 15 minutes and list your home to save 6% in commissions?

Basic listing features when you List Your Home FSBO:

Listing on for 1 year

  • 24 Photos, reorder them to your liking, add captions
  • Add your logo, website, YouTube. Add an Open House.
  • Your name and contact numbers for viewers to see.
  • Property details (1000 character spacing).
  • Listing submitted to 20+ websites: Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia,, Frontdoor,,, and more!
  • Why not take 15minutes and list your home and have FREE nationwide exposure.

Upgrade your listing and Flat Fee MLS list your home for 6 months for $175. Save a 3% listing commission. Realtors will call you directly for showings and details. Be in charge of your Flat Fee MLS Listing.

According to, the leading real estate public website, at least 84% of buyers search online for homes. It is completely illogical for any home seller not to have a plan for placing their home for sale online and in as many sites as possible.


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