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Learn About The MLS

What is the MLS ?

  • MLS stands for "Multiple Listing Service". There are 958 individual MLS’s across the country. Some MLS Boards are large and regional representing several counties while some Boards are smaller and may only represent one county. They are all separate from each other, so a Realtor who looks on his local MLS in Hollywood, Florida can't see the listings in the Seattle, Washington MLS. That is why it is so important to be listed in the correct local MLS.
  • Many national websites combine all MLS listings from all the 958 MLS’s and post them all on their website. Information such as a commission offered to an agent, owner contact information and lockbox codes are not displayed. However, local MLS agents are able to see that important information from their MLS.

Realtors and the MLS

  • Only a licensed Real Estate Broker who belongs to the MLS and pays the MLS dues/fees is able to list a property. An unlicensed individual cannot list a property in the MLS. The Real Estate Broker is responsible for the accuracy of the listing and keeping it current. A Broker may pay fines if a property is actually under contract or sold but still listed as "Active" in MLS. Fines are imposed to encourage all Brokers to keep the MLS listing as current as possible.
  • When you list with, a licensed Real Estate Broker who belongs to the MLS where your property is located will be assigned to your listing. We have a Broker network that covers every MLS in the country.
  • While each of the 958 individual MLS’s have certain rules that they deem appropriate for their region, they all adhere to the rules of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). is a website for the public. You do not need a real estate license to search for listings. There are more than four million MLS listings posted that reach from coast to coast. Everyone who has internet service may search has a referral network with Brokers who Showcase each MLS listing that they post.

Public Websites

  • Each MLS Board decides which public website(s) that they wish to upload their MLS real estate listings. Many MLS Boards now allow several local public websites to access their MLS listings. That list is growing monthly as the public demands better coverage for their listings.
  • The number of local area websites has reached the hundreds while the more well known sites -, Trulia, Homefinder, Zillow and Google - are slowly gaining acceptance by the Boards. After listing with your public listing will be posted on Trulia, Zillow, Homefinder and Google.

Real Estate MLS listing has been changing across America. Consider the pluses of listing with thereby saving commissions and being in control of your listing!