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“I am so impressed with the service provides. Signing up was easy and within days I was listed on the MLS. The following day I had multiple showings. My property sold and I saved $5830 in real estate commissions!”
- Kris G.

“My property was listed with a traditional Realtor for 61 days and I didn’t have a single showing……I would never consider using a traditional real estate Broker in the traditional way again. I knew way more about my property. After listing with I sold my house in 65 days and saved 3%. Also, I knew which pictures and descriptions would help sell the home and the original Realtor did not want to use my ideas as he knew it all. I sold my home in 65 days and saved 3%. Thank you!”
- Jim S.

“Quite frankly, I don’t know why anyone would do anything EXCEPT list with your service. I had incredible support throughout this whole process. Free public website advertising and listed on the MLS ! You are the best.”
- Roland S.

“My friend is a Realtor and wanted my listing very badly. When I told him I was not going to pay 6%, he went into a litany of reasons why to list with a full service broker. Thankfully, I disregarded all of them and listed with Let's face it, 95% of real estate sales are generated by MLS. After posting my listing, and offering the buyer’s agent 2.5%, I had 12 showings and sold my home in 11 weeks....and saved $6880 in commissions. Thank you”
- Arlene B.

“Your customer service has been fantastic and I really appreciate your responsiveness.  I would recommend you to anyone thinking of listing their house on their own.”
- Xavier R.