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Advertise your business on is the only online “for sale by owner” company that offers MLS listings nationwide, a free public real estate listing site, mortgage referrals to the largest and most well known lenders and offers a credit check service to landlords about prospective tenants.

Our website reaches a wide range of clientele: serious home sellers and home buyers; homeowners, first time buyers and investors who are seeking mortgage loans and motivated real estate investors.

Advertising with distinguishes your company as the “to go company” for your particular service. Our online viewers are highly motivated and are able to make decisions regarding those services.

Direct marketing to these motivated consumers is simple and requires no long term commitments. With only 4 easy steps you may begin your direct advertising
program. Start Now!

Step 1:  Create a Google AdWords account

Once you have opened an AdWord account you may advertise on this site
and Google and their partner key word sites.

Set your ads to appear only to consumers in a particular parameter close to your front door or enlarge your scope to an entire region. You will now be advertising to an audience that is already interested in you.

You may begin your AdWord account at

Step 2:  Create your ad

You may create your ad and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business.

When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results.

People may simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you.

Follow the easy to follow steps at

Step 3:  Set up your internet ad campaign

Using your key words, Google’s technology will automatically match your ads to the webpages in their network that are most relevant to your business. For greater control use may use placement targeting to hand-pick specific sites or sections of sites that you want your ads to appear on.

You may choose text, image and video formats to best communicate your message.

Step 4:  Maintain your ad campaign.

Once your ad campaign is active you should maintain it. Google’s performance report
allows you to review your campaign performance and use that data to adjust your budget and adjust your keywords for better optimization.

Need help in creating a new account? Call Google AdWords at 1-877-721-1738.