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Real Estate Resources

Welcome to the Resources page here at! We have organized all of the handy resources available at this site into one convenient location. From glossaries of terms to tips on moving, buying, and selling, this is a page you’ll want to return to again and again for crucial information on how to buy a house, sell a house, and much more.

Glossary Of Terms

Is there a real estate or home mortgage term that you don’t understand? Check out our glossaries for a full list of the terms you want to know. These terms ensure that you know what you’re talking about in dealings with other professionals, so it can be particularly important if you’ve decided to list FSBO.

Resources for Home Buyers

When you’re ready to buy a house, start here with resources on the steps you should take and how to get the most for your money. From checklists to tips on finding a good Realtor, this section will prepare you to be an effective home buyer.

Resources for Home Sellers

If you’ve decided it’s time to sell a house, it can be helpful to tabulate how much you’ll net from the sale at various price points. You’ll also benefit from knowing how to hold an effective open house, which is why there’s a checklist and a sample open house registration form.

Resources for Buyers and Sellers

Here’s a section with resources that both buyers and sellers should appreciate. This outlines what makes a Realtor a worthy part of the buying or selling process. While it can be profitable to list your home FSBO, it’s good to know what you’re giving up in doing so. These resources will help you decide whether hiring a Realtor is right for you.

Moving Day Resources

What should you do to prepare for a move? How do you get your household up and running quickly after a move? Check out these resources to find out what you need to know at each stage in the moving process. With some attention to detail at the beginning of a move, you can minimize the problems and make sure it all goes smoothly.

General Real Estate Resource Articles

For all of your other questions and concerns, check out these various articles. Whether it’s on how to prepare to sell a house or tips on the buying process, you can find plenty of helpful information below.


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