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Florida Flat Fee MLS Listing

In today’s real estate market, with our unstable financial situation, selling your home for sale by owner has become very appealing. One of the most important steps to create a successful FSBO experience is to register your home on the MLS using a Florida Flat Fee MLS Listing Service such as

Flat Fee MLS Listing

In today's real estate market we are in a seller’s market. This simply means that there are more buyers wishing to purchase properties than there are seller’s willing to sell their properties. Plus, every neighborhood has bank owned properties and bank short sales that further add to the total volume of homes for sale. These bank properties are often sold for discounted prices so that the bank can disengage themselves from the property as fast as possible. These discounted properties are not only affecting local neighborhood real estate prices but often spread depressed sales figures to the entire local area....affecting future appraisals. This is a challenging market.

No Listing Commission

Traditional full service real estate Brokers charge a 6% commission to list a property on the MLS. It is usual that 3% is for the listing Broker and 3% for the buyer’s agent. A listing commission may be negotiated up or down as well as the buyer’s agent commission. simply charges a one-time flat fee of $95 for a basic 6 month 6 photo Florida Flat Fee MLS Listing. We have photo upgrade options for $125 and $175. You save the traditional 3% listing commission. Of course, remember, you still must offer and pay a buyer’s agent commission at the time of closing. Listing

A listing is the public side of your MLS listing. It is the largest and most up to date of all the public websites with more than 4.5 million MLS listings displayed. states that their website comprises 84% of all public website real estate searches. Although other public websites are beginning to have a broad appeal and they are definitely becoming household names in real estate, combined, their entire presence accumulates to 16% of the public viewing market. is the largest and most well-known website because it is synonymous with an MLS listing and you do not need a realtor’s license to view listings. Your FL Flat Fee MLS Listing will be a showcased listing.

Public Websites

You may list your property on our website yourself. It is free. Simply complete the simple 5 step home listing form, upload your photos, compose a paragraph describing the features of your property and for security….set up a password so that you may make listing changes at any time. Since our website is public it is not required to follow typical MLS rules.

You may include your name, email address and contact phone numbers. People searching our website may view your listing and photos, and then contact you directly by using your email address or calling you directly. This is unlike the MLS which forbids such contact items being seen by the viewing public.

  • A Buyer viewing your free listing may not be working with a Realtor and you may save all commissions.


You retain the right to sell your home yourself while your Flat Fee MLS Listing is active and no fees or commissions apply (as long as no realtor is involved).

Thank you for considering