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Terms and Conditions

Customer Satisfaction

We at strive to save you thousands of dollars in commissions. Beyond that, we also endeavor to make your experience dealing with and our network of Brokers as convenient and pleasant as possible. To that end, if you ever have an issue about one of our Brokers, the MLS, or questions in general, please let us know so that we may be of assistance.

If you are dissatisfied with your Broker or with additional services that he or she does or does Not provide, we can normally assign another broker to you if your listing has not been entered. After your listing is entered, it is very difficult to assign another Broker because it will mean entering a new listing and cancelling the old one.

Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel within 30 days after your order is placed, but before your listing is entered, there is a $25 cancellation fee. This fee covers what we are charged by the credit card company. We are charged when a client places an order and we are charged again when we have to enter a refund.

If you wish to cancel more than 30 days after your order is placed but before the listing is entered, a refund cannot be issued. However, your order will remain valid and you may enter your listing at any time in the future.

After your listing is entered, we unfortunately cannot issue a refund. The service you paid for is considered provided once your listing is Active in the MLS. However, if you wish to cancel your listing while it is Active, that is not a problem and you will not be charged any additional fee.

There is no refund for a lockbox after it has been shipped due to the cost of shipping. There is no refund for a yard sign because it would have been printed with your specific information.

When a listing order is placed, you should receive your listing form about the details of your property the next business day. If you do not receive the listing forms and questionnaire in that time frame, please call our office.

We do our best to provide outstanding customer service. Should there ever be a question, please call our toll-free number 1-855-FLATFEE and speak to us.