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Tips for Creative Great Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home

How Charming! Tips for Creating Great Curb Appeal

Today, has some advice on how to create great curb appeal to help you more easily sell a house.

Whether it’s part of the Alabama real estate market or elsewhere, you may want to spruce up the exterior of your home to attract more interest to it. Everyone enjoys a nice facade to a home when they drive by, and this is generally known as curb appeal.

A fast, easy and inexpensive way to create some instant curb appeal is to give your entryway door a fresh, new coat of paint. Consider a bold bright color such as a cherry red or a cobalt blue that compliments your exterior paint color while making a bold and head turning statement. (You can also paint the trimmings of your home in your chosen hue for a cohesive look.) Polish the door fixtures or opt for a new set. Finally, decorate your newly updated door with a lovely knocker or a wreath that matches the season or the local plants in your neighborhood. This will definitely help your home stand apart from others on any flat fee MLS listing. Remember to show off your curb appeal when you submit photos for your MLS listing and your flyers.

Hanging Gardens in Homes for Sale

Your home may already be looking quite nice, but there are few things more inviting than a nice garden. Even if you do not have a green thumb, you can easily purchase lovely potted plants to put on either side of your doorway, on your patio, or up the steps of your for sale by owner listing. Stagger the plants either by color, height or placement for a more exciting look. You can even buy some hooks from your local hardware store to hang up potted plants for more visual interest. Try to choose plants that are easy to maintain, and go with the new splash of color you've put on the door of your MLS listing.

If your windows allow for it, why not consider installing window boxes for a bright burst of color right on your windows? It's a rather charming and inviting look that adds character, and of course, curb appeal. You should also replace old mulch or gravel, or put down new pavers to replace older ones for more defined flowerbeds that really catch the eye. Putting up trellises also adds visual interest and provides a place for certain plants to grow.

Sparkle and Shine

As everyone knows, hardware can easily become dingy and spotted, especially when it's outside and exposed to the elements. Another great and simple idea to add curb appeal to your home is to switch it out! Choose a collection of hardware that compliments the style of your flat fee listing and gives your home a put together look. Try changing out:

  • Mail slots
  • House numbers
  • Doorbell buttons
  • Doorway locksets
  • Overhead light fixtures
  • Wall-mounted mailboxes

While you are already changing up the hardware, consider adding some symmetry to your home by adding sconces to either side of your doorway for a balanced and inviting look that anyone can appreciate.

Made for Walking

To sell a house with great curb appeal, another easy thing to do is to improve your walkways. Put down fresh stone or brick pavers in any style and pattern that you think matches the home's façade. You can easily play with the pathway to make it slightly curvy around a garden, or just keep it classically straight for a clean look. Invest in some outdoor lighting for these walkways in particular. Try using low-voltage or solar landscape lighting down the path at regular intervals, in your flowerbeds and under trees. Illuminating the pathway will make is safer for guests to walk up to your home, while creating a line for your eyes to follow up the path to your home.

In summary: Remember to spruce your home's exterior and create great curb appeal so that your house will sell quickly. It's up to you to create a charming home that buyers will love!