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How to Ready the Outside of Your Home to Be Seen by Buyers

It is always nice to have your home be presentable, but when you are trying to sell a house, you need it to look as appealing as possible. has some great and easy tips to help you get your home ready to sell from the outside!

A Fresh Outlook

How to Ready the Outside of Your Home to Be Seen by Buyers

Before you start looking for an MLS listing service, you want to have a home that looks like it would be worth the time for potential buyers to check out. The first thing that any potential buyer will notice is the exterior. When was the last time you repainted your home? It cannot hurt to put up a fresh and cheery coat of paint to the exterior of the house. This will help give the appearance of a newer and more taken care of home from the outside, which suggests that the inside is just as well maintained. Stick to a more neutral color palette so that you can attract the widest array of potential buyers through your MLS listing.

You should also take the opportunity to change out old and dingy hardware for more modern and fresh ones, such as:

  • House numbers
  • The entry door lockset
  • Wall-mounted mailboxes
  • All light fixtures on patios/decks

When you do change these pieces out, be sure to go for a collection instead of just mixed and matched pieces, which will give your home a more cohesive and appealing look. You want your home to seem well taken care of, and the proof is often in these details.

The Grass is Always Greener

If you find that you have brown patches on your lawn, you should definitely go about fixing this. After all, your flat fee MLS listing in Orlando, FL or other cities will be featured on multiple sites where everyone can see that you may not have been keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak. Remove these dead patches of grass and loosen the earth a bit. Go to your local garden shop and purchase the required square foot size of sod and place it in the patched areas. Then be sure to water your patches every day so that the grass will quickly grow to cover the dead patches. Having a nice lawn will definitely make your house ready for sale from the outside and make it easier to sell your home.

You can also easily invest in some nicely potted plants to make your entryway or patio seem more lively and inviting and help detract from any landscaping deficiencies.

All Decked Out

Now that you are going to MLS list your home, you should definitely take the time to check your patio or deck for any simple repairs you may need to make. Repair or replace damaged pieces of wood sidings or decking. This may be done with some simple exterior wood putty if there are just spots of wood that need some attention. If you need to replace entire planks, you can easily re-stain or paint the decking to cover up the differences in colors.

And while you are out on your patio or deck, why not be sure to give it a good thorough cleaning? Hose your outdoor space down, or rent a pressure cleaner to blast away any stains that may have occurred. Have patio furniture? Use a mildew remover on them if you cannot wash your cushions by either machine or hand. If your furniture is rusting, invest in some cans of remover. You can also repaint dingy chairs for a fresh, clean look. A noticeably pleasant outdoor space in a “for sale by owner” listing will always attract more potential buyers, and help your house sell more quickly.

In summary: You can ready your home for sale outside by using a few of the quick, simple, and inexpensive tricks we have mentioned here. Happy MLS listing!