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The Value of a Seller’s Home Inspection

The reason that people carry insurance on their properties, vehicles and themselves is to not be caught with their pants down! In other words, it’s better to be prepared than caught short.

How does this translate to selling your home with a Flat Fee MLS Listing? Would you not rather know sooner than later if there are hidden defects that can affect closing on your home? Too often sellers only find out shortly before closing. That is when a buyer brings in a home inspection professional to determine that the house is free of defects, and finds out that it is not, consequently pulling out of the deal until it is corrected. Would it not be a great MLS Listing selling point to have a home inspection report to show the buyer?

Worth Its Weight in Gold

Foresight is 20/20 – The Value of a Seller's Home Inspection

In selling or buying Florida or Alabama real estate, real estate transactions can be fraught with stress and emotions on many levels. The value of a seller's home inspection cannot be fully determined as each case is individual, however, it may reveal some of the following conditions which can be addressed before it is too late.

  • Roof. Few homeowners, if any, climb up onto their roof to see what condition it is in. Your home inspector will carefully look over the roof for missing tiles, rotting wood and infestations.
  • Foundation. The base of the exterior walls might have issues if the mortar or concrete has cracks. When tall grass or shrubbery covers the lower part of the exterior walls you may miss spotting an area that is allowing moisture to permeate the structure.
  • Wood Structures. Dry rot and termites are a real concern. Often homeowners are not even aware that there is a problem until the buyer has a home inspector on site, evaluating the property.

Full Disclosure

Another reason why hiring an inspector to review your home prior to MLS listing is considered an essential part of the process, is due to state law. Most states mandate full disclosure from the seller. This means you may not hide water stains due to roof leaks with a coat of paint. To completely understand why it is so important, think about the house you are preparing to buy, as you get ready to sell your own. Your budget above and beyond your down payment may be limited and additional repairs are costly and may be dangerous.

In summary: A home inspection will save you stress, money and time. Boost your home sale credibility with a professional inspection.