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Important Safety Measures For Your Open House

When you sell a house, you’re essentially inviting a stranger in to walk through your home. Showing your home doesn’t usually pose a great risk, but sadly, some people are dishonest. Here are some safety precautions you can take to protect your home during and after showings, whether you list FSBO or use a traditional method:

Make Appointments

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

If you can set it up so that showings are by appointment only, it’ll be a lot less likely for someone shady to get in unnoticed. Your agent’s job is to vet potential buyers, so have your agent arrange appointments with interested parties. If someone shows up unannounced, tell them to contact your agent for an appointment. Be wary of those who claim to be a buyer’s agent if your agent hasn’t mentioned them before.

Don't Show Your House Alone

Don’t show your house if you’re the only one home. You should have your agent, a spouse, family members, or friends there with you for safety reasons. Be especially wary if someone shows up at an odd time, like very late at night or very early in the morning. Tell them to schedule an appointment with your agent.

Record Open House Visitor Info

Whether it’s you or your agent doing the showings, it’s a good idea to keep a guest book that has the names and information of every visitor. Get a photo ID from them and write down key information, like their home address, driver’s license number, license plate number, phone number, and even a short description of the visitor and the vehicle they’re driving. This will deter most would-be thieves because they would be on a short list of suspects if they did anything.

How to Prepare for Your Open House

Before an open house, it’s wise to open all of your shades, curtains, and blinds. Also, turn on all of your lights before you open the door to anyone. If people outside can see inside your home, it greatly reduces the likelihood of any criminal acts. Even so, before you show the house, be diligent in hiding all valuable documents and items like artwork, jewelry, electronics, and china. This makes it less likely they’ll be stolen.

After a showing, when all of the visitors leave, be sure to lock all of your doors and window. Also, keep in mind that if someone is making you uncomfortable, you should trust your instincts. As you work hard to sell a house, it’s up to you to stay safe. These security measures might appear to be a hassle, but they protect you and your investment from harm, so in the end, they’re truly worth the effort.