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60 Days before You Move

Last minute running around is not something you want to worry about. After you buy a house in the Florida or Alabama real estate market, read about ways to alleviate the stress of moving, packing, and planning.

The Move

  • Create a moving folder. This folder should include a photo or video inventory of all items in your household.
  • For those who are being transferred by work, understand your company's moving policy.
  • Seek out at least three moving companies and gather quotes from each. Make sure they can do an in-home assessment to have the most accurate quote. Ask around for recommendations to family, friends, or get a free quote at
  • Sell or recycle anything you don't want to move. It's a great time for the family to sort out what they do not use. Garage sales are great for this!
  • Any valuables should get an appraisal so you can insure them for the move.
  • Seek out car movers if you do not have enough people to drive the cars to the new home.
  • Make an estimate of how many packing supplies you will need and decide on what room you will begin to store and organize items for your move. Lookout for items around the home that can be used for packing such as towels or old sheets.
  • Do some research on where you are moving. You'll want to know about the community and the schools before you get there.

Important Documents

  • Contact your insurance agent about transferring auto, fire, property, and medical insurance policies. Ask about coverage while you are in transit.
  • • Keep an “important documents” folder to have on hand during the move. Many moving expenses are tax deductible and you can obtain the IRS change of address form (form 8822) by calling 800-829-1040 or visiting the IRS website.
  • For those with children, notify the old and the new schools to arrange for the transferring of school records and to jumpstart the registration in the new school.
  • Contact your doctors and dentists about your move to seek referrals and get all medical/dental records so that you have the necessary documents once you move. Keep these in a safe place such as the documents folder.
  • If you have memberships in any organization, be sure to notify them of the move.

Family & Pets

  • Make sure you have all travel arrangements made for you and your family. Book any flights, cars, hotel rooms, etc at a time that will give you some flexibility in case anything goes wrong.
  • If you are due for a pet's examination, get that done before the move and ask for recommendations for veterinarians in your soon to be new town.