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Nine Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Home Transition

When you buy a house, there’s no question that moving can be a very stressful experience, even as you’re excited to get to your new home and build a new life there. You have to coordinate everything with the movers, live with just the bare essentials for a while, and spend a whole lot of time packing and unpacking boxes. To make it just a little less stressful for you, here are some tips you can consider to make moving easier:

Nine Tips for a Stress Free Move

1.Have a Packing Plan.

It all starts with a solid plan for packing your valuables. Decide what you’re going to pack, where it goes, and how you’ll keep track of it all.

2.Compose a List.

There’s no way you can have a stress-free move if you’re haphazard in packing boxes. Be smart about making lists of items, including where they’re packed and where they’re going in the new house.


Those packing materials have to come from somewhere. You’ll want boxes, packing peanuts, tape, shrink wrap, and all kinds of other items. Set aside some extra boxes for the items you have left the day you move. Ask friends and neighbors for any boxes they don’t need, or talk to restaurant and retail stores for cheap or free packing materials.

4.Use a Color Coding System.

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t lose track of anything is to attach a color for every room in the new home and coordinate colored stickers on each box to match. When you arrive at the new house, just put the corresponding color of sticker on the door of each room so you and the movers keep things straight and put things away easily.

5.Pack Like Items Together.

Don’t neglect to pack similar items together. That way, you don’t have to do a lot of shuffling around to get everything where it needs to go at the new home.

6.Get a Head Start.

You get stressed when you don’t have enough time to get everything done. By packing the items you don’t really need for daily living, you can help prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed as the moving date looms closer.

7.Build a Cleaning and First Aid Kit.

Some items are fundamental to a healthy home. Separate some crucial cleaning and first aid supplies in their own kit, and make sure the kit’s accessible throughout the move.

8.Don’t Forget about Luggage.

You know, not everything has to be packed in a box. If you have luggage and duffel bags lying around, use them. If you were going to move them anyway, you’ve found a double whammy for efficiency.

9.Protect Your Valuables.

Nothing’s more stressful than losing or damaging valuable possessions like jewelry and family heirlooms. Make sure everything’s straight with your homeowner's insurance, and discuss the situation with the movers too.

After buying your favorite of the houses for sale in a new location, heed these tips to help make your move stress-free and enjoyable.