The American Dream Of Home Ownership Still Alive

The American Dream

The American dream of home ownership still alive. The recession hasn’t shaken Americans’ confidence in home ownership, according to a new survey of 1,000 adults nationwide by NeighborWorks America.

About two-thirds of survey respondents say their opinion on home ownership has not changed over the past five years. Eighty-eight percent say owning a home is an important element of their “American Dream.”                 american dream

“Although the housing market and the American dream took one of the largest hits ever, with home prices falling nationally and foreclosures rising to more than one million homes annually, home ownership remains a goal many want to achieve,” says Eileen Fitzgerald, CEO of NeighborWorks America. “But it’s important to also note that the poll also underscores that we need to have quality and affordable rental homes available for those people who simply prefer to rent.”

The majority of renters and home owners surveyed say they believe the home buying process is complicated. They attribute the major obstacles to personal finance issues, such as lack of job security or not having enough money for a down payment. One in four surveyed say they have no familiarity with the mortgage products available.

Still, about half of those surveyed say they feel more prepared today than five years ago to buy a home and have the American dream. Forty percent, though, say they are less prepared.

“These results tell us that most consumers believe that they know when the time is right for them to buy a home — and feel strongly that home ownership is important — but that their personal situation may have been affected in the past five years and is holding them back from pursuing home ownership,” Fitzgerald says.

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Source: National Mortgage News 11/22/2103

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